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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Don't be a hater

Why are there so many people out there who feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel better.

Wow was I totally in the dark about how pissed off people get when they find out you have decided to change the way you eat. Of all stupid things to get mad about?! Crazy! 

In the TypeOneGrit facebook group I hear story after story of people's doctors, family members, friends all harassing them about going low carb. Just because it is very HARD and requires a TON of work and we are choosing to eat healthier doesn't mean we are trying to push it onto anyone else or make anyone feel like they are less of a person because they eat sugar/carbs/boxed/packaged food.
I have a broken pancreas, that's a fact. Insulin available to us today is not fast enough to work like a functioning pancreas, that's a fact. The post meal blood sugar spikes from grains, sugar, starch and fruit DO damage every single part of a type one diabetics body, that's a fact.
 Why wouldnt I just eliminate a lot of those carbs so there is a much less spike and or no spike and do less or no damage to my body? 

Why are so so many doctors against this? 

Why are doctors against us/me/broken ass pancreas people not allowed to have normal blood sugars? The only way I can almost guarantee that later in in my life I wont be riddled with diabetic complications? Why am I not allowed to want that for my life?

Im not forcing my way of eating on anyone else, but I do/would like people to support me and not make comments that most people wont stay on a low carb diet, or most people fail or most people do this or that. Well most people dont have a broken pancreas or a Dexcom CGM SCREAMING at them every time they eat and have to look at that terrible blood sugar on the screen. If you dont have the awesome opportunity (lol) to know me, I am a very determined person, challenge me and Ill prove you wrong. 

So go ahead keep challenging me, keep telling me I will fail because I will prove you wrong! 

Low carb isn't a death sentence like Diabetes potentially can be. There is a low carb grain free version of almost everything..granted it wont be as sweet because the American diet is so chuck full of sugar every where. We don't need all this sugar, not every bite you eat needs to be sweetened.  Open your eyes, read labels and you will be shocked of the crap in our food supply.

Cooking every meal is very time consuming, much more expensive than buying a boxed meal but gosh darn it each and every one of us deserves to live a long healthy life. Why dont more doctors inform people with Diabetes about eating lower carb? 

For 15 years I ate like I didnt have Diabetes and fought my blood sugars every single day and lows every single day....for 15 years. What a huge mistake that was. 

No more, not for this type one diabetic warrior! 

Carb addiction is real, the processed food manufacturers want you to be addicted so you keep buying their products. The first week of carb withdrawal sucks but if you are battling your blood sugars, its worth it for your life to make the switch.

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