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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eyelid retraction, it's a wonderful thing

Thyroid problems, they are such a wonderful thing.  I have had Grave's Disease twice since I was diagnosed with T1D in the year 2000.  I had it at diagnosis and in 2007-2008 and then post partum thyroiditis after my daughters birth and it lasted a year I believe.  THAT wasn't fun, I do not recommend you try it, half my hair fell out and I was hot nonstop.

So I have been noticing that my right eye has been looking kind of funky lately and finally last night I checked out my eyes really closely in the mirror.  It appeared to me that my right eye had gotten bigger than my left!  YEAH freak out time.  I kept thinking in the back of my mind I should probably ask a doctor about it but I figured it would just go away or my eyelid skin was just deciding to be super droopy on one side, aging skin is also awesome. 

I knew that Graves can cause things like this but my hair hasn't really been falling out that much and that has always been my first sign. 

I went to the Ophthalmologist today and he said I have eyelid retraction and it is caused by Graves Disease.  Awesome.  The eyelid should go back to normal but if not there are specialist that can fix it, I didn't even know that!  That's a relief because I feel like its really really super noticeable.

My Endo is out until Monday, so I will call and get the lab order sent to my local doctors office.  I am going to bet that its gone out of whack again as it would be right on schedule if it's following an every 7-8 year pattern.  The funny thing is I just talked to him about this yesterday because I have noticed a uptick in my energy but I was contributing it to eating less carbs and having less blood sugar fluctuations.

Now that I get to thinking I am having other symptoms, I do get shaky, I have lost weight, I can stay up all night like the energizer bunny cleaning and doing laundry but then I am so dead tired in the morning I just cannot get moving and I have been hot at night. Its amazing how having a toddler to care for makes me not even think about myself at all.

No I am not taking a picture, I look crazy.  =D

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