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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In the giant Sea of Endocrinologists how do you find a good one?

Time after time I read about all the bad experiences that fellow people with Diabetes have when trying to find a good Endocrinologist. 

I think each of us also has our own definition of a good Endo at the same time but there are general areas that each Endo should be good in.

What defines a good endocrinologist for you?  On the other side what defines a bad Endo for you?

I have had several bad endocrinologists in my life.  I would define them as bad because some of them gave me no avenues or ideas of how to better manage my diabetes and one of them even went as far as to tell me I was doing a good job with an A1C of 10 and higher.  --This is when I started finally doing my own research.-- I have also had one tell me that to get pregnant I had to have an A1C of 5% and couldn't tell me how to get there or what to do differently, just to do it.  --Yeah that's REALLY helpful.--  I even had another one that was ALWAYS 45-60 minutes late, would spend 10 minutes at best looking over my "data" give me no advice, tell me to try harder and he would see me in 3-4 months sometimes 6 months because they were so overbooked and if I had to reschedule it would be a YEAR before I could get back in.  YEP a year, ok.

My current Endo is great and my current CDE, that I haven't seen in a while now, is the BEST.  I seriously feel that if you are struggling that you need to find a good CDE because they are the best at fine tuning your management.  

What have your experiences been and how is your current Endo helping you manage your Diabetes?

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  1. I've had my share of bad Endos (one wouldn't put me on the pump years ago, so we switched, another did next to nothing to help me with my numbers, etc). I'm very happy with the one I have now (although I see the NP more often than I see the Endo himself) but I haven't told them about my low carb diet yet (well, I said I was cutting back on carbs, but I didn't go into detail). NP seems very pleased with how my numbers are looking so far but I think at my next appointment in a week I'll be telling her about my LC diet and plans for the future. I would do lots of research about whoever my next Endo might be, whenever I switch for whatever reason.


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