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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sixth week going on Low Carb.

So last week was bad, like really really bad.  I cheated a lot on my low carb lifestyle.  Due to long work hours, too much going on and being too dog tired to cook for an hour after work I cheated.  This weekend I hope to make a bunch of stuff and freeze it.  Cheating on my carbs is just plain terrible.  My blood sugars were terrible, my head felt like it was going to explode, EVEN my back pain came back with a vengeance.   Going low carb has actually HELPED the arthritis pain in my back, Im not exactly sure why but its a great side effect so far.

It is just not worth it to eat boxed, packaged, bagged, fast food, GARBAGE food.   Even if your pancreas works you really should read labels and learn about the stuff in your food.

Im fully on track this week now, and if I am forced to eat fast food I have been eating salads (since I am so tired of grilled chicken).  Yeah oh so fun.  Im kind of tired of lettuce. All this dang roughage in my diet has made my oh so awesome IBS-C kick it up a notch.  I use to be able to take just one Linzess a WEEK, and now it seems all this bulking action of lettuce has made me need to take it 2-3 times a WEEK.  Im not too pumped up about needing more meds so I am trying to back off the roughage stuff. Any of you out there have IBS-C and find that eating lettuce actually makes things worse?  Or am I just a freak case, which is the norm for me?

Other than that I am finding more new exciting recipes to try and I have a list of ones to try.  Buying more and more new and interesting ingredients is fun, but very expensive but so worth the benefits to my families health. 

This week has been a bit insane at work, family matters, our anniversary was on Saturday and all of our outdoor yard projects, my husbands career, wanting to work on the house we bought in September and trying to have fun slow down and enjoy our toddler.  Its a lot and I am not sure how people with more than one child work full time.  I just dont think I could do it.  How in the world do some of you do it PLUS cook every single meal for your family?  

I hope this weekend goes ok and I am able to cook some meals ahead of time, but man it sure seems hard to get done sometimes. 

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