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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Glucagon tutorials online and smartphone apps for you to download

Glucagon emergency kits are something every person taking insulin should have. Glucagon is what is used to save someone who is having a seizure from an extreme low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. If you are taking insulin and do not have a kit please call your doctor and get some. Ask them to write you a prescription for at least 2 or 3. One for your bedside, one to carry with you all the time and one on your main floor of your home.

Glucagon Tutorial by Danica!


Lilly also has an app you can download for Android and Apple. Here is the information.

Here is the Android app:

Here is the Apple app:

Please watch this at least once, so it is in your memory, so maybe someday if you need to save someone you will know how.

If you have Diabetes please show your friends and family and coworkers. Be your own advocate.

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