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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Some benefits of wearing a CGM on your body 365/24/7

I wear a Dexcom CGM or continuous glucose monitor.  I chose Dexcom because their accuracy is the best for me and the range/distance of the sensor transmission is the best available. I am asked this question quite often so I will list some pros and cons for me.

  1. I know what my blood sugar is or is near at all times of the day and night
  2. I can drive my vehicle without as much worry about going low suddenly
  3. I can sleep much better knowing that my Dexcom should catch my lows
  4. I can react to a high or low much sooner and take corrective actions
  5. I know what the food I eat does to my blood sugar and how quickly it affects me
  6. Dexcom makes me much more responsible for the blood sugar readings and helps me to say  no to foods I know I just cannot conquer
  7. I can wear it for longer than 7 days and just keep restarting it 
  8. It gives me much more confidence living with t1d because I can look at my Dexcom and see where my blood sugar is trending.
  9. The data can be shared with others and others can get alerts on their phones
  10. You can monitor your child's/spouse/significant others' blood sugar remotely
  11. You don't have to poke your finger a million times a day, only needs calibrating every 12 hours
  12. It helps you to nail down your insulin doses/pump settings better by watching your trends
  13. The receiver is rechargeable so I don't have to worry about having batteries for it all the time, I just need to make sure I have a micro usb cable handy
  14. Dexcom helps me when it comes to physical activity or being outside in the heat because sometimes I can drop so fast that I dont catch it until I am really really low.  So my Dexcom alerts me and I can react sooner and I have confidence in knowing whatever I am doing that I can look at Dexcom and see if I am going low.

  1. You have another device attached to you all the time
  2. If you don't have the G5 you have to carry the receiver, which is what I do.
  3. Not paired to my first generation tslim pump
  4. I have to buy and use extra tape to get it to stay on, the built in tape is not sticky enough for me
  5. Costs can be high depending on your insurance coverage 
  6.  Some micro usb cables are not recognized and/or you have to plug and unplug it a bunch of times to start charging
  7. Sometimes when the G4 transmitter battery is going low it will give a warning that it is going low but sometimes it doesn't.  I have had this happen to me.  
  8. The sensor you wear on your body is rather large and when you have to use tape it takes up quite a large spot on your body.

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