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Friday, February 17, 2017

What the public needs to be informed on about TYPE ONE DIABETES

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can happen to anyone with type 1 Diabetes taking insulin. Too much insulin, incorrectly guessing a dose, insulin absorbs faster than usual, exercise, physical activity are all things that can cause a low blood sugar. 

What happened to my friend and doctor Mandy could be any of us and we all know that but we all thought it would never happen. 

Never in a million years did I think this would happen to Mandy with her amazing control she gained following lchf. 

My one hope from all of this is more awareness and more people having an emergency plan in place, have glucagon and someone to call when low or call 911. We can all help prevent this from happening again with more diligence and less "that'll never happen to me" mentality in the t1d community.

We get too normalized to how deadly t1d can be in the "perfect storm" situation that seemed to has been what happened to Mandy. 

So many people think our cgm and pump talk to each other and that it would save us in a low, but that pump isnt on the market yet and it needs to be. 

More of us need to be more vocal about our disease so the general population gets it, gets that we can die in a blink of an eye. Not many other disease have the ability to take us away from our loved ones in an episode of an extreme low blood sugar. 

Most people would have no clue what to do if someone with t1d was having a seizure and most of us dont wear a medical alert id. I wear one every single day. We need to be able to have some sort of sign on us for people to know we have t1d and have glucagon on us all the time. 

We can only do so much, but if one of us is lying on the street seizing with no medical alert id or glucagon, no one will know that's what we need and no one will know what to do because t1d isn't talked about enough or differentiated from type 2. Type 1 Diabetes is one of those hidden dieases, people cant see your broken pancreas but if you tell those around you that you have type 1 and tell them what it is and tell them what tl do if you pass out, then hopefully someone you are with can save you.

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  1. I have not kept up with Mandy's progress. I hope she is faring well or better at least. I do agree that we need new ways to represent what a low is and ideas to help the person experiencing the low.


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