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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blood sugar on strike....

I do not know what is wrong with me or my tslim but I cannot get my blood sugar to stay down since last night. I changed my set this morning and even took a shot of insulin. Being over 300 for over 12 hours and I feel like total crap.  Now my stomach feels like crap, I have no ketone strips and I have a baby asleep on me who will wake up if I try to move her.

Diabetes you suck.

I guess my blood sugar is on strike against insulin today.

Ive taken so much insulin that Im afraid to run a temp basal and my dex is on its two hour start up since it pooped out after over three weeks.

Why is it when one thing goes wrong they all go wrong.

In this moment I am a slave to my blood sugar. I cant do anything or go anywhere until I get it down and that pisses me off. I need to clean my house but at this point doing that will cause me to rise even more, I need to go to work/my dads car dealership and paint trim but I cant because it feels like maple syrup is pumping through my veins. Patience doesnt exsist when I am this high and I hate it. Come on insulin start working already. 

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