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Monday, November 4, 2013

Hey Dexcom can you make this right? I got stiffed.

Ok so way back in December 2011 I started on the Dexcom.  I had a rep named Tim at the time because my Endo was an Illinois doctor.  Tim promised me a complimentary sensor for referring patients to him, of course, after my wheeler dealer car salesperson personality asked for one. 

I switched to an Iowa doctor last June 2012.  So I have a new rep named Joe.  Joe is great! 

So I referred two customers to Dexcom and pretty much talked them into getting the Dexcom. My cousin David and Uncle Mike.  I emailed Tim to let him know that I referred them and he said he could no longer fullfill that promise, he stiffed me.  So yeah I am a little bit ticked off.  I also referred a couple people online in Facebook Diabetic groups. 

Dexcom?  Wanna mail me my two sensors?

I mean really?  It is two sensors. I could ask for two boxes.


You have my address on file, please send it to my work address not home.

I'm starting to think I should work for Dexcom part time, but I doubt that is even a possibility.  I would love to go into doctors offices and show them the system and get them to prescribe it to their Diabetic Patients.  Too bad I have no college degree at all so they think I am not a qualified candidate.  =(   I cant even begin to tell you how many people in my rural area I have told about the Dexcom and told them how amazing it is.

TWO SENSORS?  Seriously. 

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