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Friday, November 1, 2013

Burnout and how I muddle through it

We all have periods of time when we are in burnout mode. Right?

It sucks, there is no lying about that.

Some days I just want to eat something without figuring the carbs, so I guess.  Some days I dont want to know just how bad that guess was, so I dont check my blood sugar. I dont want that crappy number staring back at me. We all do it, we all get it.

Its rounding the curve out of burnout that is so hard. Getting back on track can be like trying to walk through a corn maze without ever getting lost.

So what helps you get out of burnout mode?  Share your tricks and tips with me.

For me to get out of burnout I have to think of my life in 30 years, my family, my own expectations, and all the other people I have helped.  What good will I be to anyone later on in life if I am in kidney failure? I want to help others with Diabetes and how can I do that if I am the worst example of a Diabetic. I dont want to be a bad Diabetic, but the long hard battle gets really exhausting.

I have other type 1s tell me things like, wow I didnt know I could get my strips cheaper, or I didnt know we had such a good CDE 15 minutes away in a nearby city.  Showing people my Dexcom. They are amazed. I didnt invent the Dexcom but sometimes you would think I did, no one has heard of it. These are the things that keep me going, keep me sharing information and trying to help others. My friend and cde Calli may need to clone herself soon I am referring her so much. :-)

Talking to or emailing companies that make things for us Diabetics and getting you discount codes. Shoot I didnt even think it would work and holy crap it did! I am shocked!

On a side note, thank you Nathan from tandem diabetes again, for reinspiring me to blog again.

All these companies with awesome people are really inspiring me. Now if only we can get Humalog and Novolog to be cheaper, that would be amazing. 

These are the things and the people that help me stay on track. Its not easy, every day has its own problems, issues and battles but if I can help you by sharing my take on things, I have accomplished something.

Let me know if those discount codes have helped you save some money! Id love to hear from you. :-)

Keep on keeping on!

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