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Friday, November 1, 2013

Injection site rotation is so important

This is for those of you on multiple daily shots. I am no longer on shots, Im on a tslim pump, but I wish someone would have shared this info with me in 2000.

Rotation, rotation, rotation....please be sure you are using a wide area of injection sites no matter how bad it hurts.

I am living proof of what happens where your p.o.s. endo doesnt give you good advice or make sure you are doing what you are suppose to.  My current endo is not the pos endo, he is awesome. 

I have scar tissue on my stomach, hard lumpy nasty bumps under my skin that will never go away on their own. I hate said scar tissue. I think I actually hate it more than being diabetic. Seriously. It bothers me that much.

Someday when we know for sure we are done having children I hope to save enough money to have a tummy tuck. I want it gone. It prohibits me from wearing many cute shirts. It inhibits me from ever wanting to wear a swimming suit. It inhibits me from doing a lot of things.

So if you are like I was for 8 years, insulin injections burned me like a son of a gun, new spots burned even more, it sucked. I wish someone like myself would have told me, hey you know if you keep using your stomach you are going to get this terrible lumpy scar tissue and you will hate it forever, I would have toughed out the stupid burning pain.

Im on a pump now and it doesnt burn me, it was such a huge relief going on a pump.  I also learned that I cant wear my pump on my stomach at all. I put an infusion site in my stomach and within 1 hour Im ready to rip my skin off. Crazy right?

So I wear my pump infusion sets on my sides, hips, lower back, and sides of my butt. So far arms are a no go, they also burn within one day.

I dont know what the freakin deal is, I have met maybe two other people who also cannot wear their sets on their stomach, on a facebook diabetic group.  TWO people. Makes you feel like such a freak when you only know two other people with your same problem.

So anyone out there using only their stomach, I just want you to know that it can and will cause you to get scar tissue.  We all form it differently but most the time, once its there, its there for good.

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