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Friday, March 6, 2015

I am allergic/sensitive to Novolog, never in my life did I think that would happen

I am now beyond 48 hours back on Humalog in my pump and I have ZERO pain.  I am completely shocked.  Again, thank you to Holly in a support group I am in as she asked if I could be allergic/sensitive to Novolog because she is.  In turn she helped me so much and saved my sanity.

I switched to Novolog back in December due to the savings card and then to top it off I got a notice from Blue Cross Blue Shield they were going to Novolog for preferred drug coverage.  Well I had already switched so that's good, right?

It went ok for quite a while and now two months into using it my sites have become increasingly painful, insulin burned like acid during boluses and I would get a very painful bump by day two.

Isn't that just crazy?  I cannot believe it. I am allergic and/or VERY sensitive to something they put in Novolog.  I guess I am not technically allergic or I would have went into anaphylactic shock, which I didn't obviously.  Now after talking to a person who did have a full blown allergic reaction I finally realize that I was getting hives, my dumb self thought I had got bitten by something.  Holy smokes I could have ended up in the E.R. if I had kept taking it! 

SO if any of you were forced to switch this year to Novolog and you are getting increasingly painful pump sites this may be the cause.

I was on Humalog for many years, at least 10 I would say, now hopefully switching back will be ok and my body won't react to Humalog or I am in a whole new world of trouble.

Anyone else allergic/sensitive to one insulin vs the other?

The battle has begun to get my insurance to cover it at the preferred copay since I am totally unable to use their preferred brand.

Eli Lilly can you offer a savings card like Novo Nordisk does?  Don't you want to win back more of your customer base that were forced to go to Novolog this January?  Come on help us Diabetics out, we pay a fortune to stay alive everyday as it is!  


  1. So glad you were able to figure out that you're sensitive to Novolog! My insurance has that listed as their preferred drug and I'm afraid there could be something in it that is bothersome for most diabetics. I've been using Apidra and Levemir for so long that I've come to know how they work and how my body responds to them. I am not looking forward to the switch.

    1. =D I know a lot of people who use Novolog with no issues, I was just one of the lucky ones to become allergic to it and I hope that never happens with Humalog.


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