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Friday, March 20, 2015

The perfect storm

The perfect storm. 

Today low, low, low up until I ate lunch. I was low so I decided to delay taking insulin. Yeah dumb idea.  I get busy at work and forget to take insulin. 

I apparently have this awesome ability to forget my pancreas DOESN'T work. 

Then all of the sudden we have a ton of customers, still forgetting to take insulin and Dex decides that after nearly four weeks its gonna go all awall on me with the ??? reading for a majority of the afternoon. 

My head is just a thumpin away and I keep briefly thinking, man my head hurts. Again too busy at work to really think about it. Annnd Im really thirsty....still ignoring it. 

I'm getting ready to head home finally at 6:00 pm check my bg because now I have cotton mouth, like I seriously just chewed up and ate 20 cotton balls. 306. Yep 306. Again I'm just that awesome. 

This is why every single person with a broken pancreas should be ABLE to have a CGM! Life is busy, work is busy, kids make you mostly unable to even think about your own issues/health/anything. Diabetes isn't something to ignore yet when a person is really busy you can forget. I did forget. Now I'm feeling really sick, head is killing me, my stomach is yucky, and I'm waiting for my bg to come back down. I even forgot to bolus for my supper. 

Again I'm just that awesome. Jeeesh.

I hate it when my blood sugar creeps up, Dex isn't working and I'm too busy to notice. 

This is why my Dexcom is such a valuable tool that I must always use.  I have a new Dexcom sensor on and calibration will be ready at 930. I had my husband do the opsite tape under and over top the sensor. Lets see how long I can push this sensor accuracy. ;-) 

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