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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I have a request for all you tslim pump users

I need all of you who use the tslim to watch your BD syringes very very carefully as you draw insulin into your syringe. I have been having an issue with mine for months. I finally called tandem and initially kind of being blown off they called me back to tell me they will locate a new lot of syringes and check them for foreign objects.  They called me today and said they inspected the syringes but I apparantly didnt clarify enough or well enough to explain that I think the white substance is coming from inside the needle itself.  

Next time you are filling up your syringe watch it VERY closely and draw up the insulin slowly and watch for a white particle to come out of the syringe and into your insulin.

If you also see this PLEASE call Tandem ASAP because as of right now they think that only I am having this issue.  I was told it has been reported before but that nothing has been done and BD doesnt seem to care that there is some foreign object in their products.  I am wondering if a lot of the occlusion alarm issues with the tslim pump are from faulty products from BD.

If you also find this stuff in your BD products call 888BDCARES.  I finally got the right number after being redirected 5 times.

I am going to take a video next time to show this white particle that is in a lot of these needles and it was even in a brand new box they mailed to me to test.

If you find this in your BD products as well, PLEASE comment on this blog posting or email me from my blog.  There is no way I am the only one and if you arent looking for this very carefully you wont see it.  Draw your insulin up very slowly and watch for it to come out of the needle.  

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