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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Toe nails and Diabetes

All the years I have been Diabetic I keep hearing how much I need to take care of my feet.

Today I finally went to the podiatrist to figure out what to do about my chronic ingrown toe nail issue on both my big toes. 

For over 5 years I have been managing these dumb nails myself, digging this tiny piece of nail out and clipping it with a nail clipper.  I have finally had it and I am sick of all the pain involved with this "digging".  

So I think I will just have these little pieces removed and deadened so they don't come back again.  It would be nice to have a toe nail that I don't have cut down so far it looks all crazy. 

Man all this crazy stuff you have to be extra cautious about just because your pancreas decided to quit working. =D

Any of you out there in the world wide web had this done and are happy you did?


  1. Yes, I have been getting my nails trimmed for over a decade at a podiatrist. Fed up tonight having pain from ingrown nails on big toe. Can't see doctor for 2 weeks so I worked on it my self. Just another issue to have to deal with!!!

    1. I hope you can gets your fixed soon too! I'm ready to have one less issue to manage.


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