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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My first time ever

Today is the first time I have ever made bread from stratch and its wheat free to boot!
A fellow lchf type one grit group member shared this super simple wheat free bliss bread recipe with me and ive been really delayed in making it.

Im home with a sick kid so while she is napping I bit the bullet.

The dough is incredible, with no wheat or gluten it tastes just exactly like real bread and has the same texture. Its still in the oven, Im standing here waiting for it to get done.  I would always sneak hunks of bread dough when my mom cooked bread, its just so freakn good!

Toast. I want toast. Badly. I miss toast. I miss bread. Since Im Dutch and German I think the addiction to bread is in my genetics. I havent had bread in months, ok a bite here and there, but not a lot because my blood sugar goes right up to 250-300 almost as soon as its in my mouth!

4 minutes left. I will be back to let you know how wonderful it is. It looks wonderful baking!

The bread is pretty good, my loaf shrunk after it cooled so next time I think I will try to make rolls or bread sticks out of it since I cannot find any deli meat anywhere around me without any sugar in it I wont be eating sandwiches any time soon. I need a smaller loaf pan as well to help force the bread upward or I might try a double batch too.

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