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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Happiness is a choice with Type 1 Diabetes

Lately it seems I keep running across a lot of unhappy people. Some are unhappy for reasons I don't know but others I hear, sound just like I use to, mad at their Diabetes and their inability to control their blood sugars and sometimes mad that their weight has spiraled out of control.
If you are unhappy with how your life with Diabetes is, only you can change it and the path you are on.  Only you can decide to get out of the delusional cloud of the ADA saying we type 1s can eat whatever we want, just take insulin. We CAN eat whatever we want and take a boat load of insulin, BUT your blood sugar is going to spike and when you take huge amounts of insulin it becomes unpredictable. It can cause you to crash later on, it can cause you to sit with a high blood sugar for much too long and it can cause you to gain weight.

The fact is, todays insulin just isnt fast enough to combat the high grain high sugar food that most americans eat. A persons own insulin is fast enough but those of us with type 1 diabetes do not have that luxury anymore. In fact almost all the food on your grocery store shelves has sugar in it in one form or another and way too much of it. This is why I have chosen to revolt against the crap you buy in the store and make my own food, with no sugar or grains. I use a stevia/erythritol blend which has no impact on my blood sugar. Hence I take much LESS insulin, I have little or no spike and I have LESS of the crazy rollercoaster results from taking large doses of insulin. I have also chosen to eliminate the inflammation causing blood sugar spiking grains and use almond and coconut flour. It's work but the work makes me feel better, happier and no more back arthritis pain. Yes you read that right, my back feels 100% better. When I do give in and sneak food with grains, wham my back hurts and hurts for days afterward. You can't tell me its good for people to eat food that causes chronic inflammation in our bodies?
If you are unhappy about your life with Diabetes and are tired of throwing more meds at your disease, stop! Stop shoving more pills and drugs into your body! Stop eating the foods that are causing the issues you need the meds/drugs for. You will feel like a brand new person afterward. Your mood will improve because you got off the rollercoaster ride.
If you are unhappy about other things in your life, try to focus on the good things. Like maybe the fact that you are otherwise healthy, your kids/spouse/parents whatever or whoever you love in your life are healthy. You have a job, you have a roof over your head, you have food to eat, you have people who love you, etc etc. Life is full of stress, disappointment, heart break and pain.  Life has to keep moving forward, no one will wait for you, the world will not wait for you.  I wake up every day, or most days, being thankful I am alive, my husband and daughter are healthy, my family is ok, I have a job, I have a vehicle to drive, I have good friends in my life, I have very expensive innovative tools to live with type 1 diabetes, I have zero diabetes complications.  Im just happy to be here and thankful to God for each and every one of them!
If your diabetes has spiraled out of your control I urge you to look up Dr. Bernstein and give up grains, starch, real sugar, and most fruit. Your life will change. Your diabetes will change. Your waistline will shrink. Your mood will improve. Your family will be thankful you have chosen to change so you can live a longer healthier life with diabetes of any type. Dont look at it as being unfair, no one said life was fair. Most people shouldn't even be eating the junk on American grocery store shelves full of chemicals, additives, dye and sugar. Look at it as an opportunity to eat healthier and eat better, so you can live longer and love your family and friends longer. Live life to its fullest, enjoy every moment.
You can do it but only you CAN do it and YOU have to make the CHOICE to BEAT Diabetes and BEAT the bloood sugar spikes.
Start today, stop saying you will do it tomorrow because tomorrow turns into 5 years real fast.

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