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Monday, November 30, 2015

Ok Dexcom you kind of REALLY dropping the ball here and I am very frustrated! Updated.

Three weeks.  That is how long I have been trying to get a box of glucose sensors for the month of November and 3 boxes for December and a new receiver pre-authorized with my insurance before the end of the year. BEFORE the end of the year!

I have been in contact with 2 different reps at Dexcom.  Neither of them seem to be able to email or call be back.  I was on hold for 45 minutes this morning and I finally hung up.  I got my Doctor to fax chart notes and I emailed my BG dexcom logs last week because my terrible insurance Land of Lincoln is trying hard to not let me get my supplies and still no movement. It is now the end of November so I might as well forget about getting that box for this month. 

I am incredibly disappointed and shocked that I have gotten no where in THREE weeks time to get this done.  I called my insurance and Dexcom hasnt even submitted a prior authorization yet.  Jeesh its like pulling teeth I swear.

Update: So I contact my Dexcom rep, Joe, who is great and solves all my problems.  I should have just started with him apparently.   Dexcom faxed my prior auth in to my insurance today, which should have been done last week.  So I am out of luck for getting sensors for the the month of November.  Wonderful.  Now to wait for my lame insurance to approve my prior auth, if it takes 2 weeks again I might lost my mind!

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