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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Have you tried Bai5 drinks yet?

When you are pancreatically challenged finding a drink other than water or unsweetened ice tea can be difficult at times.  I drink a ton of water every day and I swear that is makes me feel better than the times when I do not or I forget.  I get bored with water sometimes and I do love ice tea but I can't really drink that all day long either.

I was told about the Bai5 drinks.  I finally found them in my local Hyvee and my local small grocery store has them too.  I was like, eh what the heck I'll try them.

They are wonderful!  I really love these drinks and I have one every day at my lunch time now.

They come in quite a few flavors and now have carbonated versions too, which I haven't tried yet because my stomach just doesn't really like carbonation for the most part.

The Bai5 claim to fame is that it has 5 calories, sweetened with erythritol and stevia extract so there is no impact on my blood sugar and most people with t1d will not see a blood sugar impact as well.  They also have a small amount of caffeine which I need mid day.  It says is contains 35mg of caffeine from coffeefruit, the same amount in a cup of green tea.

Its great, it tastes great and I do not need one drop of insulin for these drinks!

The flavors of Bai5 are:
The flavors of the Bubbles drinks are:

You can check them out at: http://www.drinkbai.com/bai5

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