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Monday, November 23, 2015

Yet another curve ball from Land of Lincoln Health Insurance

First off let me start by saying that I really really dislike Land of Lincoln Health Insurance and have had numerous battles with them.

They do not have enough customer service reps so your hold time is always more than 15 minutes.

Today I had the joy of sitting on hold and trying to work out a claim for my Smith and Nephew IV3000 tape I use to keep my insulin pump infusion sets on with for over 45 minutes.

Apparantly insurance companies can have the luxury of deciding what they will and will not cover based on what Medicare will cover even though I pay for my health insurance.

They stated that since Medicare wont cover this item that they also do  not cover it and consider it an otc (over the counter) item.  Awesome.  So I am sending my box of 30 pieces of tape back that they wanted me to pay $108.00, one HUNDRED eight dollars. Say what?  I can get 100 pieces of the same tape with no precut hole from Homelink for 60.00 and one box should last 300 days. That same tape is still 108.00 from Edgepark. FYI if Edgepark is your medical supplier you might want to shop around for a cheaper in network company.

They will however cover Dexcom Glucose Sensors, hmm, thats odd since Medicare does not cover cgm sensors.

How in the hell does that work? Can anyone explain to me how that is legal?

I got my Dexcom sensors covered in July when I ordered but now this month I have this giant ordeal of getting them to cover my sensors. I had to send in bg logs (seriously?) and get chart notes from my endo. Dexcom did kind of drop the ball on this. Its been 14 days, no one called to tell me they needed all this paperwork and they had not yet submitted a pre authorization for me to get my sensors. I also need a new receiver in December. Its all just a bunch of garbage.

I am so fed up. LAND OF LINCOLN HEALTH INSURANCE IS TERRIBLE. DO. NOT. buy a policy from them! Unless you are healthy and do not have Diabetes. If you dont have type 1 diabetes consider yourself very lucky and much more wealthy than some of us with it because my type 1 diabetes costs me a damn fortune.

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