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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We interrupt this moment in life due to Diabetes low blood sugar

Diabetes why must you interrupt my life all. the. time.

My stupid self attempted walking in a 5k fund raiser with my husband and daughter.  I dont know what the heck I was thinking, or why my brain thought I could do it.  I had pretty much no insulin for over 2 hours and started out with a great blood sugar and was even eating glucose tablets the whole time.  None the less my blood sugar crashed, hard.  20 minutes hard.  Yep, had to abort the stupid walk and stand along side the road and watch every SINGLE person walk past us on the return lap. I shouldve eaten something ahead of time and taken no insulin for it, but because the morning turned into chaos I forgot.  I forgot I was Diabetic, yep it happens.  I felt like the biggest idiot in the world, just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

For the most part I am unable to carry my daughter for extended periods of time because without fail it causes me to go low.  I am so sensitive to insulin that it is annoying.  We are talking 13.6 units of basal insulin total per day.  So carrying my child causes me to go low and I HATE it.  So far I have found no solution to this problem considering she doesn't give me a 30-60 minute warning as to when she is going to cry and need to be held next, so doing a temp basal does me no good. These points in time I wish I was more resistant to insulin.  Carrying her in the grocery store is completely impossible.  Grocery shopping itself makes me go low even with a temp basal ahead of time. Exercise has been impossible since becoming type 1.

Why the heck did I think I could do a 5k walk, man I am an idiot!

Cleaning my house.  No matter what kind of crazy measures I take to keep my blood sugar from dropping, it drops.

Doing yard work.  Again without fail I have found no cure for this problem. 

Maybe I am doing something wrong, I am not sure but I feel like I have tried everything within means.  I mean, I dont want to go around munching on 10 snickers bars while I do yard work to keep my blood sugar up.  Keeping weight off with type 1 is a daily battle, especially with lows.  Some days I could skip meals altogether with the amount of calories I have eaten to keep myself alive.

What in the world do you guys with crazy insulin sensitivity do to keep yourself from going low?  I feel like I just cant win.  Id like to lose some more weight from being pregnant but the battle of lows just makes me say heck with it, its not worth the headache.  

I really wish they would come up with an insulin that works faster and leaves your system faster.  That way if you decided you wanted to go for a run down the street you could and  not worry about a stupid low blood sugar.

I am so sick of low blood sugars.  I am sick of glucose tablets, sick of 15 carb juicy juice apple juice boxes, sick of FRUIT SNACKS YUCK I cannot eat any more ever, sick of shoving food in my mouth so fast I have no time to chew because I feel like I could die at any moment, sick of sweating through my clothes, sick of shaking so bad I look like I am having withdrawal symptoms, sick of that crappy feeling you get when you are low like your heart might jump out of your chest, sick of the headache you get from a low, sick of going low when I am sick with an illness and wanting to puke not EAT, sick of having to eat in general when its the last dang thing I want to do, Diabetes I am just sick of you.

Dexcom has been my saving grace in all of this because it does let me know when I am low if I dont feel it.  Without my Dexcom my lows are crazy low before I feel them and crazy lows for me include eating all things with carbs in my house.  It is NOT a pretty sight.  

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