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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Migraines and colds really suck

Labor Day I spent the entire day confined to my dark room laying in my bed.  Worst Migraine I have had in many MANY years. I also have a cold, a COLD in September?! WTHeck?  Every time I would attempt to get up I would get very nauseated and felt like I was going to pass out, you know when your hearing goes funky like you are in a tunnel and your vision goes all dark, yeah I had to lay down immediately for fear of my head smacking the ground at an accelerated rate. My husband has never had a migraine so he didn't really understand how sick I was, but it was horrible.  I missed out on some awesome happenings...my dad got his 1914 Dodge running again with the help of my brother and I missed going for a ride in it with my husband and daughter, that sucked, my husband, bother and dad fixed the carb issue my 1971 Dodge Dart was having and they took it for a ride also.  All these things were totally impossible with the flipping migraine I had.  Sucked.  Now that the migraine finally went away Monday night after a lot of medication my COLD decided to kick it up a notch and now my sinuses keep filling up and the post nasal drip and the snot, man I hate snot. Totally unrelated to Diabetes but I just had to vent how MAD I am about the whole day wasted because of stupid migraine.  NOW my daughter probably has this wonderful cold too, great a baby with a cold, this should be fun.  Luckily I was so sick I could hardly eat so my dumb blood sugar decided to behave except for going low repeatedly...drinking juice while wanting to vomit is a fun experience that EVERYONE should get to do. I am so thankful to be amongst the living and for all you migraine sufferers you have my deepest sympathy.  I use to get them a lot and havent had one in years and I pray to God that I dont have another one for many more years!

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