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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hangovers suck

Low blood sugar hangovers suck. Dexcom screamed at me half the afternoon. Wow. I kept going low and I really am not sure why.
Pump needs more tweeking. Changing pumps is fun and exciting but a pain also....more setting tweeks. Yeesh. I wish Diabetes could just stay the same and be predictible. Instead it has to keep changing and hormonal crap we women go through every month is another wrench thrown in. Dont get me wrong I am super excited to be on the latest and greatest pump available and more than excited they are working with Dexcom on a combo pump.
My blood sugar came up then crashed, then came up again then crashed and man I was just wore out. Breathing feels like a work out, walking is a marathon and I just wanted to take a nap after my third low today. I was too busy at work to set a temp basal that and too dumb to remember during my low marathon today.
Sometimes I wonder if my out of the blue lows are my pancreas deciding to toss in some of its own insulin. I just can never put my finger on the cause.
Im ready for the bionic/artificial pancreas now. I guess I can wait four or so years but man oh man do I wish it was here now.

Yep thats my awesome low, spike, low, low spike from heck and now Im dropping. Stupid. Diabeeeetus. 

930 I want to to go to sleep and Im low again. Wow. Give a person a break, Im tired. 

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