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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why don't glucose meter companies want to promote their meters by giving them away for free? Can someone explain this to me?

I am just in shock, I look at my calendar and it says 2013 doesn't it? 

In today's "Diabetes world" why in the HECK don't more companies give their meters away to the PEOPLE who use them instead of to the Endo's and doctors offices which tend to hoard them or give them out to only people they know.  It's US, the people spending all our hard earned dollars on this technology, NOT the doctor's offices?!   It's so INSANE!  Not everyone can AFFORD an ENDO!

I called One Touch because a person on a diabetic group I am in really needs extras for her sons and for home and school and guess what, One Touch wont send her them free!  She is going to spend a fortune in test strips and you wont send her the dang meters for free?!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ONE TOUCH/LIFESCAN?!  I would tag them on their google plus page, but THEY DONT HAVE ONE!

I was going to give their meter a whirl but screw it, I am mad now.  They dont even offer a DISCOUNT PROGRAM!!  HAHA really?!.  Yep I am pretty sure I am staying with either Bayer or going back to Freestyle Lite, which I love.  I LOVE their Freestyle Promise Program.  It is amazing, free replacement meters, free batteries, free lancing device, and a discount card!

HELLO METER COMPANIES you need to be more like FreestyleThey are going to rob you blind of your business if you dont jump on the wagon and I will scream it from the hilltops to help them steal your business away!!!  

We need to KEEP AS MUCH MONEY AS WE CAN in our pockets.  Diabetes is expensive as hell to control, especially when you are a hard working citizen and you GET NO ASSISTANCE from the government!

I really just cant believe this, really, its 2013 not one Diabetic should have to PAY for a Glucose Meter.  Not one.  In the years I have had my own personal health insurance policy I have never paid for a glucose meter.  EVER.

Greed at it's finest. Test strips cost a fortune.  Look at how much your insurance policy covers...mine are over $600/mo.  PER MONTH.  PER MONTH $600.00...you cant send a free freakin meter?  That is $7,200 PER YEAR. 


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