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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Called my CDE, I need help getting back on track

I go see my CDE tomorrow, thankfully she got me in really quickly.  Parenting and managing my Diabetes has proven to be a difficult task for me.

I really have no idea how to do it, it's like becoming Diabetic all over again.  I forget to take insulin, I forget to check my blood sugar, I dont want to check my blood sugar at night because that would involve me getting up, leaving our room and checking because otherwise my super sonic hearing baby will wake up.  Or I go low and then eat something to come back up and Im still low 15 mins later so I eat something else and by now I am ticked off because I have a baby screaming at me so I over eat.  I need to relearn how to be Diabetic.

I need someone to kick me in the butt.

I have my Dexcom and t:slim pump and these tools are amazing, but I am still doing a pretty crappy job.

Diabetes BURNOUT.

This morning, woke up with a great BG for me, 111, MEASURED my breakfast, took insulin, had a good blood sugar afterward so I was super stoked, got ready for work about to load my child and all  her crap in my vehicle to take her to babysitter, DEXCOM says you are low, below 85 so I am like yeah thats ok I still have some time, WRONG, DEXCOM says I am 50 like 3 mins later.  SHIT.  AWESOME.  Great job there Megan.  NEVER ignore your Dexcom.  DUH.  So I text babysitter and say I am going to be late my blood sugar is too low to drive.  Drink a juice box.....wait 15 min, still low 55.  Again, I am mad so I try this Level Life stuff I just bought and finally it comes up after another 15 mins.  I ate the SAME THING yesterday and didnt go LOW! Here is my middle finger Diabetes. Then I proceeded to eat a few too many Ritz crackers so I was going a bit too high so I bolused a bit for them and again, I am now low.  YEP, I am on the rollercoaster today.

I just love the ride.

Hopefully I am off it now.  I ate some glucose tablets, mmmm yum.

Oh and Dexter's battery is going low and my cable is at home.  Sweet.

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