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Friday, January 3, 2014

One downfall to using an insulin pump

So last night I realized that I needed to change my pump site out.  Yeah that didnt go so well.  I was on day five on my last infusion set and on my last bolus of the night I got an occlusion alarm.  For whatever reason my left side of my body has more blood vessels near the surface of my skin I have known this since starting pumping so it doesn't tend to go as well, but I have to use that side as well.  

So the disaster started with trying a new site on the side of my hip/butt area.  Yep, hit blood, try again, hit another bleeder and painful as heck. Man that hurts.  After trying about 10 places on my left side and hip I quit.  I was so frustrated and upset I just wanted to quit.  I cant quit though, I have type 1 Diabetes.  So I tried my right side and on the first shot it was good, no pain or bleeding.  Whew.  

Of course today it doesn't feel great but I will tough out the three days and leave it in.  Hopefully.   Pumping is great and has saved my life but some days, days like this, I want to quit, I want a cure. 

This is the mess I made trying to change my pump out.  Had to toss one set because it had blood go back up the cannula and I have no idea how anyone else gets these to clear, I have tried and if I leave a set in that had blood in it, it never clears and my bg's go straight up. Set changes at night are a bad idea but it was better than going to bed with an occlusion alarm.

And now I am 62 and didnt even know it until my Dexcom alarmed that I was 80.  Wonderful.  I need a freaking Diabetic pick me up.  I am in a rut and on the I am sick of this crap wagon.  Some one get me off. Time to eat some nasty teeth rotting glucose tablets.

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