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Friday, January 17, 2014

Diabetes and decongestants?

Ok so Im trolling my facebook diabetes groups on my lunch break and come across one with someone stating a pharmacist refused to give her a decongestant because she has diabetes?!

Huh? Refused because of Diabetes?

So I did some looking, did you guys even know there was the risk that decongestants can raise your blood glucose levels?  For most people its not a big deal, I read.  Ok......

I had no idea.

Type 1 for nearly 14 years and no one person or medical professional ever mentioned this to me.


Now I want to do a test and see if they raise my bg just for fun.

Now Im curious to see what it does to me. Im only ever taking them when Im sick so I should see if non-sick they raise my bg.

How did I not know this before?

My mind is stunned. 

Did any of you know this?  Is this like general knowledge?  I guess its on the label, but jeeze a lot of things say Diabetics should use caution when using this, or what not. I kind of just ignore those and figure its for Diabetics with kidney issues. 

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