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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear tslim, I really dont like your cartridges

Most times I dont really "mind" the rediculously slow priming process for my tslim but today I was pleasantly reminded why I dont like it. Freaking air bubbles from no where. I get all the air bubbles out of my syringe, put it into the cartridge just like any other day, fill the pigtail, then connect the luer lock and bam bubbles from heck start traveling down the tubing. Great. It took 39 units of insulin today to get all the bubbles out. Yep. Awesome.  Normally my long tubing takes 26 units I think, I dunno, but 39 jeeze louise.
I really wish there was some sort of way to make this pump less prone to bubbles and to be able to see the "plastic bag" reservoir inside the cartridge.
Normally I dont have such a big issue with bubbles but it seems to happen every few changes and with my MM pump I never had bubble issues. Im just sayin.
I still love "slim" but I wish I could change a few things.
Plus the cartridge recall on top of it and the handful of people who just cant get their blood sugars down on it, worries a person a bit.
Two of my boxes have been recalled and I used the other two so it does make me wonder if they were a part of the reason I did have some bg issues. Who knows, all speculation and all that matters is that my b.g. is behaving, my c.d.e. is awesome and my t1d is back in range. Yeah Im having fun with abbreviations, sorry.
Annnnd Im sleeping on the damn couch again because day four of this stupid cold (my second one in a month) is keeping me from sleeping in our room because I either cough or blow my nose and wake our almost one year old up. Stupid colds, stupid winter.

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