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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Post Partum Thyroiditis and my blood sugar. Man its been a heck of a ride.


So I think my mom is a genious.  My crazy whacky blood sugar issues are probably related to my thyroid being all super psycho.  

I was hyPERthyroid for several months, hence all the CRAZY resistance to food I was having and half my hair falling out.  I thought for sure I would have to give up carbs.  Or at least bread.  I am Dutch and German, ok, giving up bread is really not an option that my brain recognizes.

NOW I am hyPOthyroid so I need less insulin and now I am dealing with stupid lows.  I keep lowering my basals and I cannot figure out WHY. 

My mom is a genious.  

I read that article and now it makes sense.

So now I have to get my thryoid levels checked again and if its still going lower, which I am suspecting, I will have to go on meds.  

I ate like a crazy amount of carbs last night and still went low.  Crazy.  

Get back on the dang roller coaster.  It will start over again.  THEN hopefully my thryoid will perk back up and do its work and then I can go off meds and hopefully get my dang blood sugar to "re-stabilize".  I say that because we all know there is NO such thing as stabilizing your blood sugar with type 1 Diabetes.  

Yes, I said there is no stabilizing your blood sugar with type 1 and anyone who says that, is full of bologna.  

Diabetes is an ever moving and evolving target and you can never quite put your finger on it, but you can move around with it and try to stay as close to the bulls-eye as possible. 

My child is nearing 1 year old and man am I sick and tired of crazy blood sugar readings, at least now I know that this thyroid craziness is a part of the problem. 

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