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Friday, March 28, 2014

At a loss for words

I try to put a positive spin on comments from people about Diabetes.  Sometimes I am just not sure what to say. The one I hear over and over and over again from people goes something like this:  Me: I am sorry I have to eat something my blood sugar is dropping and I am a type 1 Diabetic so I cannot really wait it out.  Then whoever the person is I am telling this to just so happens to say, oh my (insert relative) died from Diabetes, they had it really bad or they lost their foot/leg/toe.

Insert really flabbergasted face from me. 

I know I am kind of setting myself up for comments like this when I have to tell someone why I am being rude and eating in front of them but it doesnt mean its ok for people to say such things and I feel I should tell them why I am shoving food in my face like its the last piece of food with sugar in it in the world.
I don't understand the need for people to say these things so a person living with Type 1 Diabetes.  I swear Diabetes is the only condition that people feel its ok to say, well my grandma/grandpa/uncle/aunt died from Diabetes.  I usually just brush it off but sometimes, man, its like they slapped you in the face and said oh good luck with that I hope it doesn't kill you too.   They might as well say exactly that.

Normally I say something to the affect of well treatments are a lot better today and we can check our blood sugar unlike 30-40 years ago no one checked their blood sugar at home.  We also have better insulin and I am on an insulin pump and glucose sensor which makes management much better than in your relatives time. I try to keep it simple because usually they really dont care to hear what I have to say about it or they get this really confused look on their face.  Getting all technical with a non Diabetic person is usually a waste of breath.

I dont know, I guess I am just a little bit tired of hearing people say that.  It hurts even if it doesn't appear to.  Or I guess it hurts me, I cant say how any other Diabetic feels when they get told this. Never in a million years would I say to someone, oh well I know so and so died from that, if they have that same condition.  Good Lord people can you share a little bit more of a positive response.  Maybe something along the lines of oh, I hear that treatments are a lot better now and there is a lot of new technology available.  That would be a much kinder thing to say.

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