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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why is it so hard for Endo's to download the t:slim pump's software t:connect?

I keep hearing this over and over, my Endo's office could not upload my t:slim because they didn't have the software.

Huh? Say that again?

That is crazy, its available ONLINE for anyone to download.  Seriously.

I am pretty sure I downloaded the software onto my CDE's computer for her and it was no big deal.  Why are doctors offices having such a big cow over this?  WE, the people trying to manage our Diabetes are paying YOU, the Doctor to help us.  Why do you they feel its ok to complain or whine about it at all?  Sorry, no sympathy from me.  I mean seriously, I am pretty sure my insurance gets charged over $200 bucks a pop to see my Endo, and my Endo is freaking great so I dont complain about the costs.  It still isnt exactly easy to pay when you are paying a lot of money per month just to stay alive.

Last year I had my first child and managed my Diabetes.  I paid $19,000 in medical costs last year.  Yes you read that correctly $19,000 and was off work for two months.  I made no money last year.

Complaining about downloading free software is unacceptable.

Go here to download it, FREE:

Here is the list of meters you can download to the software:

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