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Monday, March 17, 2014

That moment your Dexcom alarms

It is that moment your Dexcom alarms.  Do you get up right away and test to confirm or just kind of not feel like getting up right away and waiting a few minutes?

I seem to do this more frequently lately. What is my deal? I will just ignore the alarm or silence it. Until I really start to feel like crap. Right now Dexter says 100 but I feel lower. I suppose I should get up and check my b.g.

I just dont want to reach over to my meter. I dont feel like eating any extra calories. This looooooong cold snowy Winter has killed my will power. When I say killed I mean, like beat it up, knocked it out and threw it in the trash. I think I have gained 10 pounds in like two weeks. Yeah thats bad. Im normally very good at managing my weight/diabetes/low blood sugar extra calories. My scale has a dead battery and Im horrified to replace it. I have to lose this weight by my endo appt. I do not want to see that number scream in my face.

Of course it is the Easter candies fault though you know. Who can resist Easter candy? Ahhh I hate the temptation! Im losing the war against Easter candy.

Anyways I suppose that doesnt have anything to do with my laziness to pay attention to my Dexcom. Maybe information overload burnout is getting me too. 

Man I just need warm weather and no more SNOW!

Anyone ingore alarms sometimes?  I know I shouldnt but I still do. Why? What is my deal?

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