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Monday, March 17, 2014

I am a Diabetes Advocate (officially)!

Today, I got the news my application to be a member of the Diabetes Advocates was accepted!  I am incredibly honored to be a part of this community! I am unsure of when I will be listed on the website.

Diabetes Advocates is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, a nonprofit organization that brings together people touched by diabetes for positive change so that nobody living with this condition ever feels alone.

To connect advocates dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes in order to accelerate and amplify their efforts
Goals 2013-2015
1. Continue growing the reach and impact of the program, by:
  • Creating paths for diabetes advocacy for members of the diabetes online community.
  • Increasing the number of Diabetes Advocates members focused on type 2 diabetes.
  • Increasing the number of Spanish-speaking Diabetes Advocates members.
  • Increasing awareness about Diabetes Advocates, starting with an emphasis in the US.
2. Increase the measurable impact of the program through:
  • Increasing member engagement in Diabetes Advocates initiatives.
  • Expanding benefits that impact sustainability and member development.
  • Hosting an annual Diabetes Advocacy Congress.
  • Consolidate Diabetes Advocates as a hub for collaboration among diabetes advocates.
Membership Benefits
To apply for membership, complete the membership application form. Applicants are evaluated by a Membership Committee, made up of current members of the program.

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