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Thursday, March 6, 2014

My super crazy exciting news! I am on Dexcom's website!!!

Ok so my CRAZY EXCITING NEWS is finally live and I can now tell you all!! I am on Dexcom's Website!! 


I was approached by Dexcom a few months ago and asked if I would like to be a Dexcom "Hero" on their website.  Of course I was completely shocked and honored to be asked. 

The Dexcom has changed my life and I want to tell every single Diabetic I come across in my daily life.  I talk to a lot of people with Diabetes in my office and I try my best to try to help them out if they act like they are wanting guidance.  I try to help them see there is help and there is hope when some of them seem like they will never get back on track and no one around here is able to help.  I don't try to be their doctor or give them advice on their medical treatment plan, but I try to get them in gear to talk to the right people to help them and let them know they can get back on track.  We all fall off the Diabetes wagon at times, its relentless condition that you cant take a vacation from.

I have pointed numerous people to my Educator Calli and my Endo Dr. Iverson.  These two people have changed my life and I owe them so much that I cant even put it into words.

Calli is my life saver and gets me back on track when I need her to. She is my friend whom I trust with my life and I do not know how I made it without her help.  Countless people I talk to do not know we have such a wonderful Diabetes Educator in a nearby city.  Calli and her co-worker Teresa are such a great source of information and current technology. 

Dr. Iverson is an amazing Endo, he stays on top of the newest tech and helps get his patients on pumps and CGM's instead of being afraid of them like many Endo's still are.  He CALLS me himself and this in itself is amazing.  Doctors do not call patients anymore, period. This guys does.  He is not afraid of one brand or another nor does he push one brand over another.  Or at least in my case.

I am honored to be on the Dexcom Heroes page and I still cannot believe I was even asked!

Dexcom is my flashlight in the long dark tunnel of Type 1 Diabetes.

(As part of the agreement to be on Dexcom's website I did receive one complimentary box of sensors, I am not paid to give my opinions about Dexcom, just sharing my story and they gave me four sensors) 

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