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Monday, March 24, 2014

Reblogging: A window of opportunity is closing.

I am reblogging on a very important matter.  Everyone needs to act on this! I added my comments, will you please do the same.  It takes 2 minutes!  There are now 177 comments.  PLEASE add yours for me, my brothers, my uncles, my aunt, my cousins, my friends, your family members, your loved ones.  WE all need this support!


Your category would be individual consumer, a few people were confused on what to choose.   Or at least that is what I chose.

03/27/2014: There are only 201 comments on there now.  How many Diabetic's are in this country and there are only 201 comments!!  PLEASE leave your comments, we NEED this! 


"FDA has proposed new meter accuracy guidance.  They are open to our views and have two dockets to take comments on the draft guidance, before they become final rules. These dockets are a unique opportunity where the FDA is focused on listening – we need them to hear us. The current rules for glucose meters date back to 2003. If that is indicative of the frequency of rule making, it may be another decade before we get another chance to help shape the future of meter accuracy.
Let’s make this count. We only have until April 7th.
The number of comments matters. The more FDA gets, the more the diabetes community will be heard. Other interests will lobby for their views. We must speak up for our health. Our lives." http://www.stripsafely.com/sample-page/guidance/

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  1. Megan, thank you so much for reblogging this! I appreciate your support. Hopefully, many others will add their voices to this important issue. Thanks!


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