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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My health insurance PREMIUMS WENT DOWN!!!!!!

I don't want anyone to get all political on me, but I do want to say thank you to Obama for the new health insurance standards! 

As a type 1 Diabetic who use to get ROBBED on their premium because of it, my premium is going DOWN $7,153.44 per year for 2014!  It went from $11,865.84 down to $4,712.40  I am STUNNED!  Not only that, co-pays and deductibles all go TOWARDS your out of pocket max, my out of pocket max is now down to $3,000 and I will meet that in no time at all!

NOW just to wait for the exchanges to get straightened out and get my husband and daughter on it and look at buying some dental and vision insurance for the two of us!

According to the plan my work decided on:

Humalog insulin will be $10.00/month!!!

Novalog insulin will be $50/month...this sucks but I am on Humalog so thats good

If I stay on my Bayer meter I will pay $10.00/month for test strips!!

Verio IQ strips are $100/month...yeah not going to use those HOLY MOSES!!

Freestyle Lite test strips will be $100/month...dang it.

It appears some things are good for medication coverage if you are Diabetic and some things REALLY SUCK, BUT the premium is much lower so its a little less painful. 

If you are BCBS of IL you can look at your own medications at:

As a side note, if we didnt qualify for tax credits on the exchange the premiums would be very expensive for a private policy.   The policy they currently have, doubled, and would be completely out of the affordable range. 

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