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Thursday, October 3, 2013

What a 45 degree insulin pump infusion set it all about, for those of you who may still be afraid of them.

 45 degree set silhouette/Mimimed comfort short/Animas&Tslim

This what the needle looks like after you pull it out after insertion

Picture to show you the size, but not all of it goes into your skin.

This is what the set that I took off looks like with the insertion needle in it.

This is showing how the needle looks inside the cannula

The end of the tubing that you click into the set

Its almost clicked in here

Now all the way clicked in

Now its all the way clicked together and before I put the infusion set iv3000 around the tape.

After putting infusion set iv3000 down


This is what happens when you leave your set on too many days, this is after 5 days of wear, but the redness will go away shortly for me.  It just looks terrible at first. I do not recommend anyone wear their sets for more than 3 days.

So these infusion sets horrified me for many many months when I had to switch. Sticking the seemingly giant needle into my body would make me turn into a disaster zone.  I would try sometimes 30-50 times in one place and have to stop every time because of anxiety and pain and then I would be dripping blood, EVERYWHERE.  It was crazy.  I do still sweat like a mad man when I change my sets but I am able to put the pain aside and get the set in/on.  For me, these sets are amazing and way way better than any 90 degree set.  You can see if the set is in, there is no guessing and you can set the angle of insertion and if insulin decides to start coming back out the insertion spot you can usually see it.  Being a thinner person, these sets are wonderful because the 90 degree sets would stab me whenever the heck they felt like it. The pain the MM quicksets caused me was crazy, I was near giving the pump up and going back to shots.  Now I am onto another pump company  TANDEM DIABETES and so far my tslim pump is freaking amazing, so much easier and faster to use.  These sets can be intimidating and scary for many people but if you are looking for something besides a 90 degree set for whatever reason, I cannot recommend these enough.  I have much more real estate for sets open up using these sets.  PLEASE PLEASE do not use your stomach all the time, I have terrible scar tissue from 8 years of taking shots on my stomach that will never go away on its own.  Use your sides, side of your hip, side of your butt, your lower back, your legs, arms, where ever you can pinch and inch you can shove a set in!  Well, for me some places are WAY too painful so I don't use all the areas I should be able to.  Arms and legs for me are really painful so I don't use them much.  I am going to try some other places on my arms this winter to hopefully give my other areas a good 4 or so month break, I hope. Fingers crossed.

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