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Monday, April 13, 2015

Continued battle for Humalog.....I swear this isn't going to ever end

I got a phone call today from Land of Lincoln Health customer service supervisor Gina and I was very impressed with what she had to say to me.  She received my official complaint I filed last Friday with the other supervisor, who twice promised to call me back and didn't follow through, but did call me back Friday at the end of the day.

She stated she had read all the times I have called, all the times my case has been dropped, all the b.s. they have put me through and hopefully will get somewhere with this claim other than a flat out, no we arent going to help you and you cant appeal because we arent giving you an official denial.  THAT is what I was told last Friday.  Awesome right?

I am paying a premium and copays and they just arent going to help me, is pretty much what they told me.  Thanks Land Of Lincoln Health.  Hopefully Gina will be able to at least try to help my case instead of just saying nope sorry, bye leave us alone now. 

They havent even called my Endo yet, and I made that clear to Gina, for all they know I could be making all of this up.  They don't care that I am medically unable to take their preferred drug and so they also don't care that I have to pay 75 vs 35 for this medication.  The price difference is big not huge but it does make a difference but the major factor for me here is that they won't do a tier over ride for a medical reason.  As you all know managing type 1 Diabetes is very costly.

Gina said she will call me back today with whatever information she did or did not find out. I just hope she really does care about what I had to say and didn't just pretend like she did.  So far I feel like everyone is just acting like they care and reading scripted answers to me.

Monday 4:15 pm update:  Gina called me back and is still working on my complaint/case/file/whatever you want to call it.  Well at least someone there can keep their word.

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  1. I wish you a speedy reply on your claim and that your insurance will put some walk to their talk. I spoke to my insurance company today and they told me that I was in the donut hole. We were just making ends meet every month. Thank you for posting sites that offer assistance for insulin. I admire your determination and perseverance-it has given me hope!


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