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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 2 of LCHF

Day two is going much better so far.  I still need a lot of basal tweaking and I am working on it.  My blood sugar has been stable for two days for the most part and I am feeling like I have a much better grasp on all this and how much better I feel.

Last night was not fun at all.  My husband is also doing this with me to support me (I have the best husband ever) and we both had headaches and I had a terrible stomach ache.  I am still drinking my 52 oz jug of water filled several times a day but I am forcing myself to drink even more now since I read online and have been told that going low carb makes you lose more water and salt at first or something like that and it can make you feel crappy.  Today I feel much improved.

My Dexcom graph has been almost a straight line for 2 days and that my folks is AHHHH-MAZING for me! No after meal spike and no lows so far!  YES, NO LOWS ok well lows under 80 anyway! Overnight I was stuck at 150 so I have more basal tweaking to do. Im not yet down to where I plan to be but for a two day progress I am flipping over the moon!

I have lowered my high alarm to 140 and will go lower eventually, but it was at 180 previously so I am feeling positive. 

Im hoping that eating this way will also help reduce my scar tissue/fat stores around my belly button because I hate it with a passion and want it to go away.  Otherwise someday I am going to take out a dang loan to have a tummy tuck!  =D 

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