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Thursday, April 2, 2015

My continued battle for Humalog

So I am still fighting to get Humalog covered at the preferred copay level from Land of Lincoln Health Insurance and yesterday I finally got a supervisor on the phone.   I explained the whole long drawn out issue and she of course had not even heard about it yet even though there were several URGENT messages for one of the supervisors to call my Endo's Nurse.  She apologized for the month long delay and said she would get right on it yesterday and call me by 5pm yesterday.

Guess what?  No phone call, no missed call, no voicemail.  They have my number, my Endo's nurses' number and instructions to leave a fax number on the nurses' voice mail.  I swear if this takes me another month to get done my head just might pop off.

THIS is why so many people give up, they lose the determination I have to fight and get what I need. I am a stubborn, bullheaded and determined person and no one should ever give up when fighting their insurance.  It can get very over whelming and even depressing at times but if you are PAYING to have the health coverage from a company, you should be able to get the things you need covered if they are medically necessary, your doctor agrees and is willing to submit the paperwork you need.

Every single year I have to fight for my test strips and now fight for the only fast acting insulin I can use in my tslim insulin pump. Every single year since 2000 I have had to fight for what I need to survive.  I am so sick of fighting insurance companies and I have a long road ahead of me that I will have to fight the whole stinking way. 

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