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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dexcom with Share

Hopefully all of you know about the Dexcom with Share that was FDA approved recently.  I am really excited about this new technology though I would be more excited if it was Android compatible. 

I am an Android user and probably always will be, Im not a huge fan of Apple products and I dislike that everything related to your phone has to go through iTunes.  I always have issues with iTunes on my computer so I don't want to switch.  So I will patiently wait for Android use or just wait for the G5 which will skip the receiver all together and that appeals to me the most.  I am also waiting for the Dexcom/t:slim insulin pump combo.  I am so ready to carry one less device with me nonstop but I can patiently wait as well.  Five years ago I wasnt even on a Dexcom so I am just happy to be on it and feel more confident living with Diabetes.

If you bought a new Dexcom setup within this year you qualify for a FREE upgrade to the Share system.  Also people who bought the Dexcom share docking system they had, you too, can get a free upgrade. 

To start the upgrade process there is a form you can fill out online or of course you can still call I believe.  https://www.dexcom.com/g4-platinum-share-upgrade?segment=source_homepage 

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