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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#DBlogWeek - Diabetes Blog Week - Continuing Connections

I met this blogger in the TypeOneGrit or the Diabetics for "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution" (I forgot which one) facebook group- dedicated to following Dr. Bernstein and his rules for managing Diabetes.


Amber offered me her support and guidance right off the bat and pointed me to her blog.  She is reversing her nerve damage from Diabetes and was a huge inspiration to me to keep on trucking and keep following the No Grain, No Starch, No Sugar, No Fruit way of managing my Diabetes.  Reversing nerve damage caused from Diabetes is an amazing feat and some doctors will go as far as telling you it is impossible.  It is possible if you can obtain stable blood sugars at the same level as those without Diabetes.

My blood sugars have NEVER been better and NEVER been as STABLE as they are now.  I even grocery shopped last night with my 2 year old ALONE at a BG of 80-90 and I never went LOW.  For me, this is freaking IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish.  I go low shopping and that was just normal for me.

Going low at least once a day was NORMAL for me.  Yeah you read that right.  I am so sensitive to carbs that I had to take a boat load of insulin for them but then on the flip side I am so sensitive to physical activity that doing ANYTHING would make me go low. The insulin currently on the market lasts so long in a persons body that the insulin's effectiveness is just too long so I would go low after almost every meal.  This rollercoaster had burned me out, totally and completely, I was done.  I was just DONE.  I even reverted to getting some off label type 2 drugs to see if that would help my spikes.

Then I got to thinking, why in the hell am I am going to take MORE drugs to combat these damn carbs?   Why not just get rid of most of the carbs I am eating?  So that is what I did, I jumped in head first and 100% all the way.  Cold turkey down to 30 carbs a day.  I actually usually eat less because the amount of protein and fat I am eating, I cannot cram anymore carbs in. 

Anyway I am on my 4th week of low carb and while it is a lot of work and a pain in the butt, my health and my life is worth it.  Reading all the junk put into our food that comes from boxes or bags--its really not all that healthy.  They throw a bunch of chemical and additives into everything in the American food supply.  MONSANTO's wallet is getting thicker and it seems Americans are getting fatter and sicker.  Hmmm....I wonder why.

We dont need dye in our food first of all, we dont need Matlodextrin (or sugar) Corn Syrup (more freaking sugar) Monosodium glutamate MSG (which causes you to be addicted to the food its in) Dextrose (more sugar), there are just a ton of things in our food we don't need I cannot even list them all.  We don't need all this SUGAR, food doesn't all have to taste sweetWhy is there sugar in EVERYTHING?  You cant even buy sausage from the grocery store without SUGAR in it?! 

Amber of http://www.dedicatedtoonemoreday.com is an inspiration to me and if she can do it with a family of two kids and a husband I think I can do it too and so far the results are tremendous!

Looking at my Dexcom graph doesn't cause me anxiety anymore, I look at it and feel proud to see the results on my screen!  Sometimes I am even shocked to see I am lower than I think I am and I feel perfectly fine! It can be a little hard to adjust to being lower because your body gets accustomed to being a little higher so it feels fine, and then getting down to 100 or so feels low even though it isn't.  I hovered at 80-90 for several  hours yesterday and felt fine and walked around and didn't go low!  Its an amazing feeling to know you are conquering your blood sugar battle!

You too can conquer your blood sugar battle and my Diabetic Warrior blog has taken on a new meaning for me because now I am conquering my blood sugar battle and have a bunch of people on Facebook to thank to help me stay on track. It is a lot of hard work and it goes against the main stream way of eating (which is loaded with sugar and no one should really be eating that garbage) because grabbing a quick and easy bite of food does NOT work when your pancreas has decided to quit working.

(Sorry I am late to the game with this post too)

Sunday's topic: The very first inspiration for Diabetes Blog Week was to help connect our blogging
community, and that continues to be the most important reason it's held every year.  So let's help foster and continue those connections as we wrap up another Dblog Week.  Share a link to a new blog you've found or a new friend you've made.  Or pick a random blog off of the Participant's List, check it out and share it with us.  Let's take some time today to make new friends.


  1. Your blog looks amazing! Good job:)) I am so glad that it Dr. B is working for you:))

    1. Thanks Amber and thanks for reading my post about you!


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