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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wow just wow, Land of Lincoln Health boggles my mind yet again

The saga continues!

Land of  Lincoln Health has NOW lost all claims for my daughter for the year, they cannot see them on their side, I cannot see them online and they have no idea of the status of my claim as to billing me incorrectly.

A claim from January they are billing me for a $50 copay and it should be $20.00  and a claim from February they are billing me for a $75 copay that should also be $20.00 They told me a month ago they were going to have the copays adjusted and now they cannot even see the claims.  Awesome. 

So hopefully this medical facility will sit and wait patiently to get paid their money because I know if I pay the amount due and don't keep fighting for this to be fixed I will never see that money back in my pocket again. 

I am also still fighting to get my insulin covered at the preferred tier copay.  They are still dragging their feet, wont return my phones and can't seem to come to any sort of decision.  I think they are trying to drag it out until the end of the year when it just wont matter.  I also read online they have lost millions of dollars this year.....so you be the judge.

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