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Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Stop treating food with medicine" PLEASE I beg you to listen to this amazing Doctor.

"Stop treating food with medicine."

If you can take 18 minutes to listen to this doctor talk about the type 2 Diabetes epidemic in our country you will understand why I have chosen the path of eating low carbohydrate in my diet. Carbs are what fuel insulin resistance, type 2 Diabetes and obesity. Type 2 can be reversed if you remain eating low carb but NOT cured. This discussion is also related to type 1 Diabetes, which I have, and how eating lower carb helps me to live better with a pancreas that no longer makes any insulin and how eating less carbs makes me take less insulin which helps me to keep my weight under control. If you battle your weight or type 2 is a worry for you, please PLEASE I beg you to listen to this. Americans are almost all addicted to carbs and that is part of why we are all getting so much more unhealthy and have more disease. Type 2 Diabetics may eventually end up on insulin for a raft of different reasons so eating low carb isnt always a 100% way to live without needing diabetic medication.  Type 1 on the other hand will always need medication as our pancreas does not produce any insulin and until they do find a cure, we always always 100% of the time have to inject insulin.


You can follow Dr. Sarah Hallberg on twitter at https://twitter.com/DrSarahHallberg

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