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Monday, May 4, 2015

One week on low carb

It has been one week today that I started eating low carb, healthy fat lifestyle.  I can't lie it a TON of work and a really huge pain in the rear end but COMPLETELY worth it and COMPLETELY worth not having any ANY blood sugar spikes and hopefully I will get my A1C down to 5 or 6 like all the die hard LCHF Diabetics and by doing that almost eliminate the risk of all ALL Diabetic complications.  I have now set my high alert to 130 and low still at 90 on my Dexcom.  That is a very very very thin gap compared to where I was at 2 weeks ago.  

The other awesome benefit of going super low carb, I lost weight without even trying.  Granted I am craving carbs like no other but I have got willpower on top of willpower when I am bound and determined to do something.  I will do this, I will gain control over my Diabetes. --Ok so yesterday I did eat two just TWO tiny itty bitty pretzels and WHAM my blood sugar shot up to 200.  Holy crap, that is insane!  No wonder I couldnt manage the spike when I would eat 20 or more! I lost enough weight, I am not sure how much since we don't have a working scale in our house, but I am guessing 5 pounds.  I could fit into jeans I haven't worn since my husband and I roofed our last house in 2007.  I have been trying to drop just a few pounds for MONTHS with no luck and all it took was one week of low carb and it fell off.  I am not eating this way for weight loss, I am eating this way for my Diabetes and so I can be healthy.  I dont have a goal weight or anything in mind just to be in optimum health and hopefully drop kick my high cholesterol right in the butt too. 

People say to me already, but your so skinny how are you Diabetic?  As we all know weight has no relation to type 1 Diabetes.  Im sure those comments will get worse as people find out I am eating low carb, but its my choice, its my life.  Please don't question the way I choose to live my life.  I don't question the way anyone else lives their lives so give me the same respect . I do like it when people ask how its going or ask how to do it or how hard it is eat this way, but don't question why I need to do this or criticize me.  Criticism does nothing but  hurt people's feelings.  I need to do this for my health, my Diabetes, my daughter and husband.  I need to be here for them, I want to be here to see my grandchildren if my daughter decides to have them someday. 

If you are interested in starting to live your life in a way that makes your Diabetes easier to manage then join the facebook group that will help you get started!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/29238335797/

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