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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alternative ways to wear your pump and cgm.

The days I wear long pants I sometimes wear my pump and cgm on my ankles. Today I did both on my ankles. Its actually a freeing feeling not having these things in my pockets. Granted it looks like I am wearing home monitoring devices, but it works! On my right leg I have my t:slim pump in a spiband in a baby sock for padding and on my left leg I have my dexcom in an ipod arm band inside my tallygear case for padding. Call me wierd, call me crazy...it works....I want to get an armband from myabetic.com eventually, but right now I cant even afford a $34.95 diabetic accessory.  So for those of you looking for alternative ways to wear/carry this stuff...there ya go! I know lot of women wear their pump in their bras, but I cant stand it. Ive tried that and in the warm months here it makes me sweat and I dont dare risk water damage from sweat. Im a sweaty monster in the midwest summers we have! In the colder months when I wear two pairs of socks the spiband doesnt work, its too tight...so an adjustable ipod band is better for that and i have the large spiband and my ankles are very small. The ipod arm bands also work right below the knee on the inside of my leg. I hope this helps one of you!

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