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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Never ignore your DEXCOM! NEVER EVER EVER!

Never ignore your Dexcom!

So on Saturday I decided it would be a good idea to ignore my Dexcom because I thought it was going wonky on me and we were watching a movie and it was close to two weeks old.  YES that is a HORRIBLE spike in my blood sugar on that graph right there, and YES, I am an idiot and ignored it for too long!  I gave several correction doses after I realized I was going high and figured they would work, they always do.  NOT on Saturday!  I finally got up and looked at my infusion set...alas, it was leaking insulin.  I have NEVER had a set go bad in this way in 4 years, ever.  This was the first time.  So I put a new set in and then corrected with a syringe and well you guessed it, I crashed SUPER hard and had to drink about 4 or 6 (I lost count how many I drank because my bg was in the 40's) 15 carb juice boxes to counteract the correction that finally kicked in.

 Diabetes I HATE YOU! Go crawl under a rock and never come out!  There that should do it right?

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