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Friday, August 9, 2013

Pregnancy and Diabetes and how Dexcom made it possible....I have a 6 month old baby!

Since starting my other blog, which I have now moved here, I have had a baby!  I cant really give any moment by moment blogs about it since I am no longer pregnant but I can tell you that it is possible and with the right team and support system anyone can do it!  It was actually a lot easier for me than I expected it to and my insulin needs didn't really jump up that high but I tried to eat a normal amount of carbs for me and not indulge in many of my cravings and that was HARD to do but it can be done!  I had my Dexcom CGM and my MM pump throughout the whole thing and without my Dexcom attached to me there is no way I could've done as good of a job as I did.  My Dexcom is my LIFELINE without it I would feel like you chopped my arm off.  Dexcom is such a priceless tool in my Diabetes toolbag.  It not only saves my life when I am low and do not know it but it also helps me to pick out better more diabetic friendly foods.  I cant lie to my Dexcom about what I ate, it is reflected on the graph.  Dexcom keeps me responsible for my Diabetes and reminds me, hey there buddy I am watching your every move, dont try to fool me, you can't.  So if you go ahead and eat that KING SIZE candy bar, I will know it and I will scream at you with two arrows pointing straight up and I will beep at you to tell you, hey whatever you just ate, yeah that probably wasn't a good decision  because now I am going to cuss at you and beep and vibrate to remind you how dumb of a decision that was!  Then I am going to tell on you to your Endo and he is going to see that crazy insane blood sugar spike. Yep, Dexcom keeps me responsible for my disease.  So do I and did I avoid any carb loaded sugar infested foods while pregnant and even now today, you bet your butt I do! 

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