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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Home renovations do not agree with being a diabetic warrior

Working on our house, having a super SUPER crabby baby and managing a supid disease just do not get along. Today I was on a permanent roller coaster ride and it was not fun. First Im high, so I correct, then Im low then I dont have time to drink a juice box because as soon as I lay my crabby baby down or sit her down she screams bloody murder. Jeesh. Then I cant eat lunch because Im still too high. Blood sugar comes back down so hey now I can eat lunch oh wait no I cant crabby baby is asleep on me and if I move she will scream again. Ugh.

I just want to hit the off switch for diabetes and have a normal weekend where every moment doesnt revolve around my blood sugar plus the five million other things in life. I am so dang sensitive to insulin just doing simple little things makes me crash. Its so aggrivating. I need a better faster insulin that doesnt linger in my system as long as humalog. Would you scientist hurry up with that already. I drink at least, at LEAST, 8 small 15 carb juicy juice boxes in about 4-5 days. I should be ceo of that company by now, Ive bought so much stupid juice. A person can only stomach so many glucose tablets in one day. Yuck. Where is my vacation from diabetes? Ive put enough time in for at least a good three weeks off, that and I want a pension too. Oh wait diabetes isnt a paying job. Darn it, who signed me up for this position?

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