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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am officially wearing my t:slim insulin pump!!!! YAY!

So I am trained and all settings are correct and this new pump is now attached to me and my old Medtronic Minimed pump is sitting in my purse awaiting its final trip home and into a box and put on my "medical junk" shelf in my house. 

Now I have to figure out if the battle to get a new meter is worth it or not.  I am on a Bayer meter which is not supported by the t:connect program since they dont seem to want to play nice with Tandem since they currently have the meter that links to the MM pump. My insurance requires me to fight for my test strips every year if I want more than 150 strips (sooooo stupid) and so if I switched I am guessing I would have to go through more hoops, I am sick of hoops, I just want what I need to be covered.  Period. Im thinking of maybe trying to get a free Freestyle Lite from my Endo at my next appt and see if that will work out, I am a former Lite lover and to see what copay level they are at and get back on the Freestyle Promise program to get discounted strips after my copay.  Not  having a linked meter is kind of a bummer but the Animas Vibe over seas does not have a linked meter because they are already linked with Dexcom over there.....so whenever the new linked t:slim/dexcom combo comes out it will probably be less of an issue.  I guess if I have to choose meter or Dexcom being linked, I choose Dexcom all day long.  It would be really awesome if both could be linked, but hey I am asking a lot I guess.

The available settings on this pump seem much more extensive than my MM pump and it is more customizable.  I like all the available accessories (which I got a ton free) and the quick bolus feature is flippin awesome! 

Today is Day 1. of me fighting back the monster a little bit harder...having a 6 month old baby makes you become a bit of a warrior weakling. Taking my first meal bolus ever on a t:slim right now!

(Nathan, I really waited until training to start my pump, see I can follow directions sometimes, ask Lisa!)

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